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Swing State Sorrows: The Price of a Vote that Matters

My latest article, now up on the Huffington Post, discusses the impact of Ohio’s centrality in the national elections on our state’s political culture.

We hear it time and again, enviously, bitterly, admiringly, coaxingly. It may be our sole characteristic that induces jealousy among our compatriots. It entices the world’s most powerful men to court us. Observers from Beijing to Benghazi eye us intently; from New York to California they unabashedly ogle us. We are awash — maybe drowning — in the money of millionaires. Here in Ohio, our votes matter.

By November 7, we will have determined the course of the domestic and foreign policies of a global superpower. Very soon thereafter all will forget us, and then in four years wonder again why we are so fickle. In the meantime, we will be left to attend to our wounds. Maybe we will mend them, but probably they will fester. All that is certain is that no entity could be so torn and embattled without suffering critical damage. Read the rest here! 

Are You Listening Ohio? It’s Me, Washington

Please check out my latest article on the centrality (and reality) of Ohio in the presidential campaigns on Aslan Media:

“Are you listening in Michigan and Ohio?” asked Bill Clinton during his notable speech at the Democratic National Convention this week. He wanted to ensure that Ohioans heard him loud and clear when he announced the “job score” that came out of the auto industry restructuring enacted by President Obama at the start of his term: “Obama, 250,000. Romney, 0.”

If Ohioans failed to hear this particular appeal, they surely could not have missed the 31 other times their state was mentioned during the three nights of the Democratic National Convention. Even if they were not tuned in to the party conventions of the last two weeks, they will still have been on the receiving end of the unprecedented 400 television ads per day, or 16 per hour, with which both campaigns are flooding the state. And if Ohioans want something more personal, then they can walk out their doors and catch one of the two presidential candidates who visit their state almost every week. During campaign season, Washington has an unabashed love affair with a place usually derisively referred to as flyover country. As in most affairs, the suitor has one goal in mind. Read the rest here!

News & Views

A round up of the latest news and analyses from and about Ohio – 27 August 2012

“Romney’s Auto Bailout Stance Complicates Campaign in Battleground Ohio,” by Karen Kasler for NPR on 26 Aug 2012. Romney was against the bailout before he was for it because yes, the bailout helped Ohio.

Senator Rob Portman’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. By Rob Portman, US Senator from Ohio in the CantonRep, 25 Aug 2012. Sums up the Republican stance on Ohio – more resources, less regulation. Romney and Ryan visited Ohio together last week. And of course, Obama was here too.

“Ohio needs more to graduate from college.” The Marietta Times on 25 Aug 2012. 26% of Ohioans have an undergraduate education, compared to national average of 31%.

“China trade deficit cost Ohio nearly 100,000 jobs.” The Dayton Business Journal on 24 Aug 2012. Since 2001, Ohio ranked 8th in losses among the 2.7 million jobs lost across the 50 states due to growing trade gap with China.

“Four Ways Ohio Republicans are already stealing the 2012 election,” by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman for CounterPunch on 23 Aug 2012. 1) Purging voter rolls; 2) Voting machines designed by Republican-backed firms; 3) Possible conflict over photo IDs; and 4) Early voting closures

“Ohio farmers work to keep climate change on the agenda: ‘the drought moved the needle.'” By Stephen Lacey for Think Progress on 22 Aug 2012. A great piece on the effects of climate change on Ohio farming and its entrance into the political discourse, where two major lobbies – the farm bureau and the coal industry – compete for the message.

News and Views

A roundup of news and analyses from and about Ohio – 20 August 2012

“Obama back in Ohio Tuesday following last week’s innovation, infrastructure news,” by John Michael Spinelli for examiner.com on 19 August 2012. Obama bringing $30 million to Youngstown, 15 transportation infrastructure projects, and himself to Ohio.

“Swing state voters don’t see US economy rebounding,” by Aaron Blake for The Washington Post’s blog “The Fix” on 16 August 2012. The Post is still trying to figure out why Ohioans don’t feel confident about their economic recovery. And here’s the poll itself, showing at least an uptick in confidence in recent years.

“US Plans Institute of Innovation to Strengthen Economy,” by Lalit K Jha for Outlook India.com on 17 August 2012. Obama administration plans an institute to keep jobs from going to India and China. I think an institute will hardly match up to profit-driven motives.

“Ohio GOP Election Official Regrets Black Turnout ‘Machine’ Comment,” by Luke Johnson for the Huffington Post on 20 August 2012. The terms of the debate on Sec. of State Husted’s efforts to reduce early voting hours become sleazier and more blatantly discriminatory against Ohio’s minorities and working class (‘read Democrats’).

“Mass Job Layoffs Decline in Ohio,” by Randy Tucker for the Dayton Daily News on 15 August 2012. This is good news, if you can swallow that 668 is a “low” number of layoff announcements last year.

“Honda’s new Accord brings investment, jobs to Ohio,” AP in CBS Money Watch on 17 August 2012. Honda doing even more good for Ohio than they already were.