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Occupying Ohio: The Tea Party, Occupy Cleveland, and the Cold War That Wasn’t

For a couple of hours last Saturday, the Tea Party gathered in downtown Cleveland for a rally entitled “Occupy the Truth.” Yes, the Tea Party was operating under the banner of their apparent rivals, the Occupy Movement. That is because the stated purpose of their gathering was to protest the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of a foiled bomb plot by five individuals associated with the Occupy Cleveland movement last spring. One by one, the featured speakers railed against Occupy and the liberal media to a crowd of about 250 (the organizers claimed 1500, the cop I spoke to estimated 250) mostly 50 and 60-year-old white Ohioans. Except for Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and CEO of the Tea Party Patriots, all the speakers were themselves media pundits and producers; most were bloggers. In essence, it was a war against the media by the media.

Update: Read the rest of this article on The Huffington Post!

Book Review and #Occupy: The Rich and the Rest of Us

The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto by Tavis Smiley and Cornel West (Smiley Books, 2012).

Cornel West – public intellectual and activist, author of Race Matters, and Princeton University professor – teamed up with public broadcaster Tavis Smiley to write The Rich and the Rest of US, a by-product of the pair’s 18-city “Poverty Tour” raising awareness and encouraging advocacy about poverty in 21st century America. They address two recently-related phenomenon: the history and plight of poor people in America, and the “new poor” (previously middle class) victims of the Great Recession. Together, they comprise 150 million persistently poor and near poor Americans, amounting to nearly 50% of the country’s population. In this book, West and Smiley are issuing a call to action to address the increasing poverty in our midst before it permanently distorts our democracy, values, and economic future. Continue reading