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Books and Bankruptcy: Detroit City Is the Place to Be

detroitMark Binelli, Detroit City Is the Place to Be: The Afterlife of an American Metropolis, Metropolitan Books: 2012.

Ten days ago, I finished reading Mark Binelli’s Detroit City Is the Place to Be. Five days ago, Detroit declared bankruptcy. I would hardly call the series of events auspicious, but I have to admit to a sense of relief. Because of Binelli’s book, I understood.  Continue reading


Your Chance to Talk Lorain

I am touched and excited to have made it onto Loraine Ritchey’s “That Woman’s Weblog.” You can read the post in full here. I believe Ms. Ritchey is doing her community of Lorain, Ohio, a great service by documenting the housing issues that are damaging her neighborhood. I hope to learn more from her and others.