“I recommend As Ohio Goes to anyone who wants to understand the hopes, fears, anguish and heartbreak being experienced by so many of our citizens. Rana B. Khoury writes so beautifully of average people caught up in the maelstrom of an economy in transition. She’s traveled throughout Ohio—listening to the stories of people from diverse backgrounds who are struggling in this post-recession economy to provide a decent life for themselves and their loved ones. What I found most amazing about this book is the way Rana makes it comfortable for people to share the most intimate details of their lives. As you read their stories, it becomes impossible to hide from the reality of life in America today. So if you want a deeper understanding of America and the struggles of its people, I urge you to read As Ohio Goes.” – Ted Strickland, 68th Governor of Ohio

“The voices of the people Rana Khoury has included need to be heard. Policy makers deal with statistics. They need to ‘see’ the people behind them. This book takes them to that place.” – Dale Maharidge, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Someplace Like America: Tales from the New Great Depression

“Every four years, Ohio becomes a political battleground for presidential candidates, who talk a lot and pretend to listen. Rana Khoury’s captivating first book, As Ohio Goes, offers a much-needed corrective. Curious and intrepid, Khoury traveled the state for a year and has returned with stories of working men and women that are at once illuminating, heartbreaking, and inspiring. There are no easy answers found here. But if we listen to the voices that Khoury has captured, we will find plenty of hard-earned wisdom that can point the way forward.” – Gabriel Thompson, author of America’s Social Arsonist: Fred Ross and Grassroots Organizing in the Twentieth Century

“Rana Khoury spent a year traveling through her native state, talking with ordinary Ohioans about how the Great Recession has ravaged their lives. The result is a devastating indictment of a society in deep economic crisis. It is an unsettling and important read.”  – Perry Bush, author of Rust Belt Resistance: How a Small Community Took on Big Oil and Won

“Sobering and engaging. The author threads statistics and policy details through the personal narratives, so the reader never feels bogged down. Khoury is a doctoral candidate at Northwestern University and her writing is succinct and breezy rather than densely academic. She makes a clear case for the commonality of her subjects’ experiences and the shared fates of citizens. She wonders at the country’s course. “Who is paving it, and where do we want it to go?” she asks—and so does the reader.” – Newcity Lit (read the review here)