Are You Listening Ohio? It’s Me, Washington

Please check out my latest article on the centrality (and reality) of Ohio in the presidential campaigns on Aslan Media:

“Are you listening in Michigan and Ohio?” asked Bill Clinton during his notable speech at the Democratic National Convention this week. He wanted to ensure that Ohioans heard him loud and clear when he announced the “job score” that came out of the auto industry restructuring enacted by President Obama at the start of his term: “Obama, 250,000. Romney, 0.”

If Ohioans failed to hear this particular appeal, they surely could not have missed the 31 other times their state was mentioned during the three nights of the Democratic National Convention. Even if they were not tuned in to the party conventions of the last two weeks, they will still have been on the receiving end of the unprecedented 400 television ads per day, or 16 per hour, with which both campaigns are flooding the state. And if Ohioans want something more personal, then they can walk out their doors and catch one of the two presidential candidates who visit their state almost every week. During campaign season, Washington has an unabashed love affair with a place usually derisively referred to as flyover country. As in most affairs, the suitor has one goal in mind. Read the rest here!

4 thoughts on “Are You Listening Ohio? It’s Me, Washington

  1. hyphenman

    Good morning Rana,

    That I didn’t watch either convention (I haven’t owned a television set since 1992) or been exposed to those 400 television ads per day, i think enhances my level of clarity about the election. What I know I’ve learned from speaking with and reading the words of others (I read rather than listened to Bill Clinton’s speech) which forces me to process more slowly and consider more deeply what events mean.

    Being a citizen is important, being an active citizen more so.

    Our oligarchy would much prefer we be passive and absorb their approved messages in doses that don’t tax our intellects.

    Do all you can to make today a good day,


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  3. rbkhoury Post author


    I have also long avoided television as well, and am very suspicious of the apathy and consumerism it instills in the public. I didn’t record the number of times Ohio was mentioned by sitting through hours of speeches interspersed by more hours of mind-numbing commercials and commentary. In fact, I did searches on all the transcripts.


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