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A round up of the latest news and analyses from and about Ohio – 27 August 2012

“Romney’s Auto Bailout Stance Complicates Campaign in Battleground Ohio,” by Karen Kasler for NPR on 26 Aug 2012. Romney was against the bailout before he was for it because yes, the bailout helped Ohio.

Senator Rob Portman’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. By Rob Portman, US Senator from Ohio in the CantonRep, 25 Aug 2012. Sums up the Republican stance on Ohio – more resources, less regulation. Romney and Ryan visited Ohio together last week. And of course, Obama was here too.

“Ohio needs more to graduate from college.” The Marietta Times on 25 Aug 2012. 26% of Ohioans have an undergraduate education, compared to national average of 31%.

“China trade deficit cost Ohio nearly 100,000 jobs.” The Dayton Business Journal on 24 Aug 2012. Since 2001, Ohio ranked 8th in losses among the 2.7 million jobs lost across the 50 states due to growing trade gap with China.

“Four Ways Ohio Republicans are already stealing the 2012 election,” by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman for CounterPunch on 23 Aug 2012. 1) Purging voter rolls; 2) Voting machines designed by Republican-backed firms; 3) Possible conflict over photo IDs; and 4) Early voting closures

“Ohio farmers work to keep climate change on the agenda: ‘the drought moved the needle.'” By Stephen Lacey for Think Progress on 22 Aug 2012. A great piece on the effects of climate change on Ohio farming and its entrance into the political discourse, where two major lobbies – the farm bureau and the coal industry – compete for the message.